Reel World- Stage Program


Reel World - Stage Program

This program is carried out in partnership with Supportive Transition Adult Group Education (STAGE) and the North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC).

In our weekly classes we have an absolute blast expressing ourselves, sharing empathy and emotion, while navigating real-life scenarios through the stories we create.

Through the art of scene building, we develop our in-the-moment interpretation, learn to follow our instincts and employ our social skills, respect boundaries, and define what it means to be doing the right thing.

We work on improvisation, scene study, script writing, character analysis and on-set experiences, all with the daily objective of understanding our innate abilities, and our potential to make a profound and positive impact in the world.

In Reel World, we accomplish big, important things, while building a family of friends to walk in step with, on the journey of real life, sharing, caring, and being proud of ourselves all the way.

One of the best days of our week!

This program is registered through the NSDRC STAGE program.

Fun, Friends and the Real, Reel World!