Thank you. Not just for the time and energy you put into teaching me, but also for simply being

February 16, 2023


I want to thank you for the powerful influence in the right direction you have for these teenagers and the

January 19, 2023


You guys definitely changed the course of my life, professionally AND personally. You bring something truly special to this world…and

November 4, 2022


You give a safe space to everyone. Thank you for so many essentials of living; you are genuine and you

September 11, 2022


I have a new perspective! I’ve enjoyed my time so much at First Step; everyone there makes me feel like

March 30, 2022


My daughter found her voice and confidence in your classes. We’re grateful parents, because in times like these, the extra-curriculars

March 10, 2022


I think the class makes us better actors AND humans. I get a huge amount out of this, it’s the

March 8, 2022


Great to work with you!  To tape with a good actor, so in the moment, and pleasant to work with,

February 21, 2022


The exercise last week was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in a class. If you bottled it,

December 19, 2021


Awesome class! They’re so sacred. I appreciate the energy you bring to every class and how much you push us.

December 12, 2021


Thank you so much for shaping me into the man I am today,

December 1, 2021


Bowen always finishes her acting class and tells us all about how wonderful it is, and how great it makes

November 6, 2021


I’m just so grateful. The work we do in class has been fundamental for my growth –  it has helped

September 14, 2021


I can’t imagine if I hadn’t come to class, it’s changed my life in so many ways. It’s a safe haven.

July 25, 2021


Acting’s a beacon for my daughter; she has a bounce in her step; the light back in her eyes. I

July 9, 2021


Could you repeat whatever magic happened in class today for next week and every week after? Ruby was so happy

April 1, 2021


I learn so much from you! It really resonated when you said ‘Don’t “play” the doctor, just help the patient’. I

February 12, 2021


Jimmy really loves your classes; by the looks of the happy faces waiting at First Step, he’s not alone. You do

October 31, 2020


Jasper says the feeling he gets in your class is like being on a team where every member is respected.

October 1, 2020


All the lessons you have taught me, I will carry them forever. Thank you for helping me boost my confidence,

September 2, 2020


The confidence Bronwyn has gained, and true friendships she has formed at First Step are awesome. You hard work impacts

August 6, 2020


Being bullied at school should have made me insecure… but it didn’t, because of my acting class where everyone supported

April 12, 2019


My daughter is always happy and lighter after acting class. I’m grateful for the friends she’s made as well as

June 28, 2018

Steve and Tania

A great program, done with heart and passion. FSA is a wonderful environment for adding friends and fuelling Gabby’s confidence. Thank

May 6, 2018


Our girls leave class with energy, confidence, friendship, and skills for their social- emotional lives. My sincere appreciation for your thoughtful

December 14, 2017


We found “Bens thing”….and Ben feels it. That’s huge in my books. I’m very impressed by the quality of programming; and

December 2, 2016


Thank you for helping my son with this work. I’m touched by how happy he is walking out, and he’s

October 22, 2016


Didn’t know what to expect from acting classes. But acting makes me realize myself, makes me real, makes me feel!

March 6, 2016


It is so great that I can leave Jacob to be himself with you and you understand him and his

December 21, 2015


It makes me feel

December 17, 2015