Rules & Expectations

Each student of The First Step Actors' Workshop should clearly understand the expectations that come with enrolment and what can be expected from staff and Instructors in return. The entire school operates successfully by following a foundation of established guidelines and a common dedication to honouring them.

Some of these guidelines are listed here: for a full list of expectations you can download the Registration Package.

All students and parents must review the rules and expectations outlined in the Student Registration Package prior to committing to classes in The First Step and Actors' Centre Programs.

  • Students are welcome to join anytime and stay as long as they like, however, new students must commit to a minimum 3-months of enrolment. Attendance is always mandatory and students must always arrive to class with material completely prepared and memorized.
  • Please notify the studio office if a student has a medical need (i.e. dietary issues, emotional concerns, diagnosed physical illness, mental illness or related concern.) We are committed to each and every student; understanding their individual needs and character is paramount to the success of this experience. Please take a moment to share with us this critical information.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining lost scripts from the internet or their scene partner (the office will not replace your script for you). Students may keep their class material in their Student Workbook.
  • There is no discount for missed classes, students are welcome and encouraged to schedule make-up classes when possible.
  • No lateness without sufficient notice (no later than 12pm on the day of class). Classes start at 4:15pm or 7pm sharp, and the doors close when class begins.
  • Students must provide the office and their scene partner with a minimum of 24 hours notice if they will be absent from class. Note: students must advise the office (not their instructor).
  • To withdraw from the program, students must notify the office and provide a minimum 7 days notice to the school. There is no refund for withdrawing from the program part way through the month.
  • Absolutely NO cell phones or electronic devices permitted in class.
  • Parents and students cannot cannot be enrolled in the same class.
  • Office hours are 10:00AM – 4:00PM Monday to Friday. The studio office is closed on weekends.
  • Special props (e.g. Toy guns, plastic knives, and cigarettes) required for scene work must be approved by an instructor prior to class. Actors must provide their own props, set decorations, and costumes. School furniture, decorations in the lobby and items on staff desks are not available for class use.
  • No gum, food, or drink unless it is included in the scene work and approved by an Instructor. Water is provided and students must bring their own water bottle.